150 Hidden iOS 11 features for iPhone and iPad

June 5, the release of a major software update for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 11 includes hundreds of new features, so tell all innovations in a single event is simply impossible.

During the presentation of Apple paid attention only to the key improvements in iOS 11. First of all, the company pleased with minimal storage, optimizing the use of space on the gadget. iMessage messages are now stored in iCloud and synchronized between devices, and photos and videos take up less memory on the iPhone and iPad thanks to new algorithms for compression without loss of quality. Completely redesigned App Store, Control Point, and some application icons. Quite interesting “trick” iOS 11 – the new regime, “Do not bother driving”, which will not allow to be distracted from the road.

150 Hidden iOS 11 features for iPhone and iPad

Less noticeable changes in iOS 11 remained in the shadows, but this does not mean that they are less important for users or developers. Below is a list of innovations that are present in the new operating system, but were not affected at the official presentation.

Russian-English dictionary.
Keyboard for Kannada, Malayalam and Odia.
Flashlight 9.7-inch iPad Pro.
Support for 3D Touch to switch between tabs in Safari.
Spoken / braille captions for video.
corporate network security.
flight status in the Spotlight.
The new Arabic system font.
Recycled color inversion (dark design theme).
Transferring files to iCloud.
Enhanced family settings.
Definitions, translations and variables in mathematics Safari.
Directions to attractions in China.
Service to communicate with brands Business Chat users.
Clicking on HomeKit to adjust.
Auto complete passwords to third-party applications.
Family plan in iCloud.
Warnings about traffic cameras in China.
Screenshot and fast layout.
NFC reader mode.
SOS function on the iPhone.
Top results in “almost”.
Support WebRTC.
Enhanced support for dynamic fonts.
The keyboard for a set of one-handed text.
“Podcasts” app updated interface.
Statistics use of mobile data traffic.
New switches HomeKit.
Automatic tuning gadgets through iCloud.
Text Siri queries.
Safe web surfing mode for Safari in China.
Voice assistant Siri now understands the conversation context.
English 10-key keyboard pinyin.
Remote backup iCloud.
News Videos in Notification Center.
English entry for Japanese keyboard with romaji recording system.
Joint basket in iCloud Drive.
video recording function from the screen (screencasts).
ICloud integration of family access to the Apple Music.
Advanced analysis of Wi-Fi-connection.
VoiceOver support in the descriptions to images.
Invitation to the family access via the “Messages”.
Scaling with one hand in the “Maps”.
Joining the meeting by pressing.
Customizable selection of top stories in the “News”.
Universal access for PDF.
3D Touch function for dictionary.
Enhanced keyboard set.
The ability to use a phone number in an Apple ID in China.
Memory Optimization.
Support of QR-codes in the chamber.
Dictation feature for Hindi.
The ability to share links using 3D Touch in iMessage.
“Live” photos in FaceTime.
Advanced Editing the Braille text.
Improved protection against fraud by SMS.
To share passwords from Wi-Fi to other users.
Support for PDF annotations in iBooks.
Portuguese-English dictionary.
Annex “Files” instead of iCloud Drive.
NFC function is now available for third party applications.
Ability to drag in the “File” and some other applications on the iPhone (but not throughout the system, both on the iPad).
Floating window on your iPad.
multitask while running four applications (two split-screen and one in the “floating” box in addition to the function of “Picture in Picture” video) on the iPad with 4 GB of RAM.
“Calculator” application is updated.
New icons for iTunes, App Store, and “Calculator”.
No subscription to the application icon in the Dock.
screen rotation lock on 5,5 and iPhone 4,7-inch (bug?)
On the iPad string of numbers and characters that are available through the Shift or Caps key is now displayed on the keys themselves. Pulling down key, you can make them available on the main keyboard.
Customizable switches in the control room.
Automatic deletion of unused applications.
Fatter system text.
A new section “User accounts and passwords” in the settings menu.
New options for Safari privacy settings.
Possibility to pause synchronization Mediatheque iCloud.
See “Storage and iCloud» in the settings now called “Storage iPhone».
Gone was the integration with Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Flickr.
New effects in the “message”.
By clicking on the screenshot in the preview, you can open it in the editor to create layouts.
Gone was support for 32-bit applications.
Gone was support for 32-bit devices.
New wallpaper.
Icons in the form of dots to display the signal strength in the status bar again replaced by the sticks.
New animation.
AirPlay support 2 with the ability to listen to music simultaneously on multiple columns.
AirDrop icon in iPad docking panel in MacOS.
Support for GIF-images in the Photos app.
The ability to play music in FLAC format.
Simultaneous movement of several icons on the home screen.
Support Continuity in iPad docking panel.
Split View mode on the iPad running at 80/20, 50/50 and 20/80.
The new lock screen interface.
New animation lock screen.
New animation start applications.
New play music widget on the lock screen.
Updated battery icon in the top row.
Joint section «Siri and search” in the settings.
The ability to share a password from Wi-Fi to other users.
Possibility to disable the “Click to Call Siri» in the settings.
Updated Siri interface.
Updated voice Siri.
Translation via Siri.
Ability to include next and previous track touches AirPods.
Applications that use location in the background, highlighted with blue in the status bar.
health data synchronization via iCloud.
Completely hidden volume indicator when listening to music.
Compact volume level indicator when viewing videos.
The zoom function in a standard video player.
Switching the keyboard on the fly at the dictation of text.
The ability to quickly share a screenshot via sharinga panel.
The ability to turn a web page to PDF.
Mark to PDF.
Interface (and sound) of purchases in the App Store, both Apple Pay.
The annex at the clock timer appeared seconds.
iMessage messages synchronization via iCloud.
Updated prognosis interface.
The new design of the standard media player.
Search tab in Safari.
The tables in the appendix notes.
Fixed notes.
Style Paper Notes.
Search hand written notes in the Spotlight.
Possibility to change the main frame in Live Photos.
Cropping photos Live Photos.
New effects Live Photos.
The ability to create dials for the Apple Watch in the Photos app.
Updated dialer in the Phone application.
The ability to automatically answer the call.
Background refresh function applications received new options: Off, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and cellular data.
Ability to turn off the gadget, go to Settings -> General.
Manager on the basis Keychain passwords for certain types of applications.
New numeric keypad.
Ability to automatically upload to the device for a long time unused applications.
Notes application works with Apple Pencil touch on the lock screen.
A new type of “permanent” banners.
Built in the control panel to control Apple TV.
The updated screen Apple Pay transactions.
Hidden Pictures appear only in the album “Hidden”, but not in the Camera Roll.
Speed ​​limit in the Maps application.
Payments between users in iMessage.
Two-factor authentication is now required.
When you create pictures in landscape mode level appears.

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