5 Typical Areas of Web Business

If we compare the sites, developed 10 years ago and modern online resources, you will find very few similarities. And it’s not only in the active development of the technology, but also the changing user requirements.

Consider the most current trends in web design, confidently holding positions over the past year.

  1. Responsive Web Design

If your website is only intended for viewing on a computer, then get ready to lose a significant part of the audience. Tablets, smart phones and other devices are increasingly being used to access the Internet and obtain the necessary information. Users should be able to make the desired action on your mobile device. Ease of viewing, responsive design – all this characterizes modern web resource.

  1. Light and Efficient

Users do not like to wait. Instantly receive information, instant execution of the action – that is so attractive to people in the Internet space. To meet this goal is needed to reduce the weight of pages, making it load faster. Factor productivity is paid more and more attention, making visitors more comfortable to perform actions.

  1. GUI Design

Structured models of sites, thanks to responsive design are becoming more popular. According to experts, the presence of many frameworks eliminates the need for a “bicycle”. Units modular design used in the construction site, making the process of creating less expensive and more responsive. Acceleration at this stage of development, making it possible to focus attention on the detailed design of the components of web design.

  1. Latest Tools

Methods for creating the design, uniquely, will be improved. The obvious trend is the possibility of developing the design in the browser. Optimizing CMS interfaces will open more opportunities for content managers, who will be able to edit the content of the site from any device.

  1. Experiments or Testing

Support for CSS-nets, the use of new technologies adaptive design of the site – all this leads to the fact that the process of creating the site will be more creative, original and creative. The practice run is not yet complete resource to be used everywhere. Website redesign, bringing to mind will take place gradually, in the course of how users will start to come to the site.

Given the fact that search engine algorithms change towards more “humanity”, i.e. when search promotion and site optimization and ranking of priority to place, has an intuitive interface, it is logical to assume that the development will focus on ease of use. Excessive abundance of all sorts of distractions will remain in the past. There comes an era of minimalism: thin, comfortable and tasteful. However, there will be new chips, because the monotony of bored quite quickly.

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