7 Checks for Reliable Hosting

When we finally made our mind to buy a hosting, the next very thing came into our way, which is the quality and reliability of a hosting with paying less. This is a fact that we all should understand that high quality and reliable hosting are not free. Therefore, today we will talk about the bonding between and quality and price.

A common definition for hosting is that a server with some extra and technical abilities to handle your web activities. Anyhow we are not talking about common things, so we should take a deep look into it, before choosing any hosting plan.

  1. Traffic Capacity

Internet traffic or the user flow is the mostly used term with a website that is why this end must be covered while purchasing any hosting plan. Today most of the hosting provider companies are offering their plans with the limit or internet traffic capacity. You must know about the traffic flow/user flow of your website before subscribing any hosting plans. Plan must be configured with the needs of your website.

If you are really a good web handler, then there is no doubt in saying that your small website will grow some day, and that day you will feel to upgrade your traffic plan, and so on. So, in my opinion it is better to take a start with unlimited traffic plan, it will cost you very minor addition in your monthly or annual fee for your hosting. The trend is changing in hosting providers and they all are moving to provide their unlimited traffic plan to their customers.

  1. Disk Space

Disk space is the major feature of any hosting, and it determines the quality of your website. If you are running a media related website or proving different software’s, then you must need a larger disk space then the basic. With the passage of time every site grows in the manner of volume and capacity as well.

If you will use low disk space hosting plan, there will be random errors regarding low disk space and that will be very bad for the reputation for your website.

  1. Unlimited Domain Names

There is no need to buy hosting every time you create a new website. You must choose the hosting plan very carefully; I will personally go with such hosting which will provide me the feature to add unlimited domain names.

This feature will help you add as many domains you want on a single hosting account, and that is a plus point and money saving thing as well.

  1. Up-time Guarantee

Your website is meant to be live always, be very sure about the uptime of a server before purchasing any hosting plan. Read the customer reviews, talk to someone, and then go for it. Generally uptime ratio is 99.9% from all the hosting providers.

Bad uptime hosting is nothing but a heart attack. Act wisely before choosing any hosting plan.

  1. FTP Client Access

FTP client access is the basic feature in all the hostings, but sometimes it may not be available, so make sure that FTP is access is valid within the hosting plan. Because this feature helps you to upload or edit the web files very easily.

  1. cPanel Availability

Well, this feature should not be explained here, because that is very common and obvious, but I have seen some cases that you choose a very economical package for your website, and after buying the plan, you will be advised by customer support to purchase the cPanel access separately and that will cost you very much. That is why I am stating this fact here.

  1. SSH Access

SSH is a thing which is used very rarely. It is specifically programmed to transfer files from server to server without downloading them. This feature will only come in handy when you decided to change the hosting. Otherwise there is no use of SSH access.


Hosting companies are in constant struggle to provide the wide choice of web hosting to the web owners. Every hosting company is proving their services in the form of packages. There are almost 23 thousand hosting providers only in US and the numbers are growing day by day.

Every company is the competition with their relevant companies, and everyone is targeting one goal, high quality with low price.

There is a race between hosting providers, because the population of websites is increasing very rapidly, and website is nothing without a hosting, so this is a simple economical equation. For example we can talk about some very well known hosting providers, such as Bluehost and Hostgator, which are among the 15 best web hosting providers. Both provide complete hosting solution such as, unlimited site, unlimited disk space, unlimited traffic, cPanel, FTP access, 99.9% of uptime and customer support as well.

Now if we will compare their tariffs, they are in constant competition with each other, if Bluehost offers something better, than Hostgator will provide the best. So there is a direct proportional concept within all hosting companies.

Definitely the choice is yours; I am here to help and to provide you my assistance in the light of my experience. We should save the money while purchasing any hosting plan but quality must be high.

Now a days, price and quality are on the same page.

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