8 Rules for Perfect Web Design

On this page we present the basic rules of usability, which must adhere to any caring about their image in the manufacture of the company website:

  1. Do not Use Pop-Ups

Pop-ups distract visitors from the site content, which is not good. Respect your visitors!

  1. Do not Change the Size of Browser Window

The reasons are the same as in the case of pop-ups + more things: some browsers remember the last size of the browser window and the new boot reproduces it. If you think you know best, what size the browser window is better for your visitors, you are committing one of the worst mistakes that will not forgive you.

  1. Do not Use Unreadable Font

Because of this long texts are read with great effort, and the short read, it takes longer than usual. This applies not only to the content but also to the links, buttons, forms, and other elements of web site design.

  1. All links Should Be Clear

Link text should give an idea of the visitors to that page, which is a specific reference. The mixed and ambiguous texts of references should be deleted. This, by the way, very much applies to the search engine promotion web site and search engine optimization.

  1. No Dead Links

This error can destroy the opinion of visitors about you and your site.

  1. Do not Use Extra Animation

Animated banners greatly distract visitors from the main content of the site. Since you do not want to abandon their use in web design, then at least do not place them next to the main content of the site. Visitors to you for it will be very grateful!

  1. Simple and Convenient

If you do not want to keep in touch with your visitors – you’re on the verge of failure. Interested visitors to your project will want to contact you, but if you do not find your position, then immediately lose interest and confidence in you and your site. This rule is particularly important for sites directly involved in e-commerce.

  1. All Links Should Open in Browser Window

Every visitor to the right itself to choose how and where to open a particular link. Therefore, the imposition of its rules will not lead to anything good.


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