“Almost Perfect”: The First Review of iPad Pro 10.5-inch

At the conclusion of last week’s announcement of the new iPad Pro tablet with a 10.5 inch display, a number of publications, journalists told about his first impressions about the new product. For example, The Independent writes that “live” it looks much more attractive and almost close to “ideal tablet.”

Tehnokritiki largely satisfied with 10.5-inch iPad Pro – «the biggest step forward in the industry.” However, there are also dissatisfied with the high cost of the tablet, complete with keyboard and stylus.

Almost perfect": the first reviews of iPad Pro 10,5-inch

Journalist Engadget said that the new iPad Pro for iOS control 11 can replace the laptop for those who can not imagine my life without the computer work. But only with iOS 11, which will be released in the fall. It praised display, performance, and quality of recording 10 hours of autonomous operation.

“IPad Pro got a bigger and better display, faster processor, more RAM, and its enhanced keyboard Smart Keyboard enables more convenient to work with the device, rather than its predecessor. Perhaps he did not convince you that the iPad can actually be a “professional” device, but it is even more attractive model than its 9.7-inch predecessor, “- writes ArsTechnica.
Cnet reviewer noted the “excellent screen, a powerful processor, an improved camera and a bigger display all the same compact package.”

He was confident that the iPad Pro is aimed at owners of 12.9-inch model, and those who want a top plate, but does not yet have neither. Those who have the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, update the “iron” is not necessary.

In The Verge impressed with the screen size and quality, as well as the study of certain aspects of the device: «Apple engineers are moving full speed ahead and add the most advanced technological developments that can only come up with.” He called iPad Pro 10,5 “amazing device.

«Apple has created a tablet as we know it. This is the biggest step forward in the search, and a larger and more high-quality display in a thin lightweight body can not remain indifferent. Applications that take advantage of the computing power of the device and the future to update the operating system, make it the best choice for most purposes, “- noted in The Independent.

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