Blackberry KEYone Screen Rests on Parole

A very famous JerryRigEverything Youtube-channel, where smartphones are tested for strength, found some interesting things about the Blackberry KEYOne (formerly Mercury). As you may recall, the Chinese TCL acquired the right to produce smartphones under the Blackberry name.

Regarding the quality of the assembly: in the course of testing apparatus revealed that the display is attached to the body only by means of a cable (loop) connecting it to the motherboard.

Blackberry KEYone screen rests on parole

No glue or double-sided tape, only the loop. You can watch from 04:30, that is where the test begins to flex.

The screen is kept very unreliable and can easily fall off at the first falling or bending smartphone.

This could be attributed to a specific instance of a marriage, but in the Internet already have a few complaints about the easily falling off the screen in this model.

Perhaps the whole lot KEYone (Mercury) is a problem; however, it is unlikely since the smartphone was designed.

JerryRigEverything advise to buy a case, an exciting edge of the screen. I wonder if the TCL or Blackberry will speak about this?

Such shortcomings even basement brands from China itself rarely allow.

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