Common Mistakes in Web Development

Website owners and online business people are familiar with the situation when for the promotion of business requires SEO optimization. And that’s a problem, which can be solved either considerable financial investments or time, which is not enough. What to do if there is neither the means nor the desire to rewrite the site or to substitute the unthinkable and numerous backups?

Common Mistakes in Web Development

In the first place to avoid common mistakes when creating a website. The following are examples of typical errors that are the “brake” for your SEO optimization.

  1. Ignored Pool of Keywords for the Site

Before the launch of the website in the “free floating”, you probably know the traffic, which will lead users. Given recent trends, it is useful to make bets on natural traffic, so the site structure to better develops in the presence of SEO optimizer. The online shopping in this case is the first in line to meticulous outlining, so you do not have to radically change the website structure, use more navigation units or complicate the user interface.

This affects both the users and the business itself. To avoid it in that case, if at the initial stage of designing a website to consider the semantic query engine. This means that voluminous list of queries should “stand in front of your eyes”, previously grouped in the landing pages. So you kill two birds with one stone – save time and money from the start will get the site ready for optimization.

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  1. No Group Landing

When using filters it happens that the necessary landing there. Here we are facing the previous problem, when ignored key requirements. And due to this, it violated the logic of the website, the relevant pages are not indexed and as a result, developers have to create additional layers. It takes a chunk of time and life interested in a positive result sides. On these pages Title, Description and other meta tags should be configured.

  1. Adding Landing Pages

80% of commercial websites are sinning by adding a separate “hidden” from the navigation pages, which or harmful for the site as a whole, either useless for a particular page. In the end, this impairs behavioral factors.

  1. Available Data

Only relevant pages will bring website in the top of search engines. If the index has pages of tags, labels and search results, you need to treat it by configuring the directive robots.txt or the Noindex meta tag. But in any case, remove junk.

Common Mistakes in Web Development

  1. Errors when Auto Filling Fields

AutoFill many fields lead to a loss of traffic due to duplicate pages or similar metadata. How to deal with it? Flexible configuration templates and create a special algorithm to check the metadata will allow to avoid troubles associated with empty or duplicate fields. Everything else, leave the ways of retreat of creating maneuvers for manual editing of the page.

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You learned that not only the SEO is all for website but development matters a lot, and the purchase of links will not save you. Well-formed semantic core is the basis of website promotion. In addition, you do not have to constantly change the site to harmonize under ideal standards.

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