Email Marketing to Grow your Business

Did you know that most of the sales in the foreign affiliate programs are done through email marketing? This method is also popular as contextual ads.

It is important to understand that email marketing is not spam. Your website visitors voluntarily subscribe to an electronic newsletter in which you give them useful thematic information, with it, information about products and services that you want to sell.

Email Marketing to Grow your Business

Using email marketing allows you on the one hand, to increase the conversion of website visitors into buyers and on the other, to increase the income of the seller. From this effect you can achieve through multiple contact with customer. When you visit the website you only have one chance to interest the visitor of the affiliate products. But if he’s subscribed to the list, you can contact with him several times, which increases the chances of purchase, and also increases the number of items to be purchased.

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But the most interesting thing in email marketing is the fact that setting a system of sending letters once, using a special email service; you generate sales many times, for each new subscriber. In fact, you get an automated sales system whereby every new subscriber mailing begins to obtain in advance a sequence of letters.

Let’s See How it Works

  1. First and foremost, you need to collect a list of subscribers. Ready to use distribution lists and collection of addresses that are free, usually giving lowest result. The list members themselves must subscribe to it to be interested in it. But not so easy to convince people to provide their email address.

You need to provide them something useful in return, a free ebook, mini course training lessons, discounts on purchases, free sample products. Whatever it is, you need to consider your average income from the customer to offer something really worthwhile.

American newsletter with helpful tips for householders gives each new podyschite kitchen knife set cost $ 199, because they know that on average in the year following subscription it buys goods for $ 1,000.

  1. It is equally important to save this subscriber to be not unsubscribed from the mailing list. Your sales system should consist of several letters. First you provide what you have promised the person in front of the subscription and thank him/her for the subscription. Then give useful information, and only then offering the product. Do not try to apply in the first letter.Email Marketing to Grow your Business

Subscribers must read and wait for each your letter. Too many letters as bad as too less. Don’t be Intrusive; 1-2 letters for a week is the optimal frequency at which your followers have time to read them. All people do not have time to read within one to two days after receipt, with the big share of probability will not be read ever. If you sell many different products, do not try to sign all visitors in one mailing. Create a few different themed areas. Your readers should receive only the information that is really interesting to them.

  1. In addition to the useful information, your emails should contain calls to action. The best is to put them at the beginning and at the end of your letter. Your letter should encourage the reader to do something. For example, you want to sell aero grill. Write an article about the features of cooking chicken grill in grills, in the oven, in the microwave. And invite the reader to try to describe the ways of cooking and to understand the difference.
  2. In addition to newsletters in your system should be and sending letters. The optimum frequency is considered 1 sales letter at 5-7 information topics. Execution of this letter should be given special attention. Don’t be afraid to write long letters explaining in detail all the benefits of using the product. Add to their suggestions, related products and other special offers. Content selling letters must be partially linked with the information, so the reader sees the connection between the previously provided useful information regarding the product.
  3. Your series of emails should be designed for a certain period of time. The best is 2 months. If a person did not buy anything in the first two months after subscribing, it likely did not buy it. But we should not forget about your customers. If the subscriber bought something there is no reason to stop sending updates. On the contrary, if he bought one time, then maybe buy later again.

On average, the use of email marketing allows you to raise the sales with the same flow of visitors, on average, 50%. The main criteria for success are respect for your subscribers, building long-term relationships and high quality content distribution.

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