Errors & Problems Complain about iOS users 11

Some users have already managed to test 11 iOS beta, debuted earlier in the week. This post will be the answer for those who have yet to decide if he should move to 11 iOS developer version or appropriate to wait for the final version.

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced a new edition of the operating system for iOS-devices. On iOS, 11 is a lot of interesting innovations: a new design of a control point, the updated of Siri voice assistant, a full-fledged file manager “Files”, the new App Store, the automatic removal of rarely used applications, tools to work with augmented reality and other.

Errors and problems that complain about iOS users 11

Many users were quick to install iOS 11 on their iPhone and iPad because Apple has provided access to the developer version of the OS. But almost immediately it became clear that the iOS beta 11 in its current form should not be set on a working device.

Users in social networks talk about a lot of mistakes in the first test assembly iOS 11. The following is a list of issues that will have to live for those who decide to move to the new OS right now.

Rapid battery discharge on the iPhone and iPad with iOS 11 beta.
Freezes and delays in the interface and applications.
Failure player widget on the lock screen.
Icons go into navigation mode when you close the folder on the home screen.
When composing a message in the application “Mail” button “Submit” button sometimes does not work.
Tenfold clicking on the tabs in the App Store no longer results in a page refresh store.
Spotlight Search does not always appear when you try to swipe down on the home screen.
Randomly disappear and appear icons in folders.
Disappears docking bar with icons on the models of iPhone Plus
Many applications do not remain in the RAM in the background at startup they reloaded.
Sometimes not updated the application in the App Store.
Problems with the application interface House.
iPhone has the ability to hover while charging.
Gestures 3D Touch does not always work as it should.
Dragging on the iPhone works between applications. As Apple has confirmed that it is a failure, the Drag’n’Drop on the iPhone will only work within the app.
Many users of iOS beta 11 can confirm that periodically noticeable delays in the operating system, applications often fall, cases of accidental restart the desktop.
In many ways, the first assembly 11 iOS is an alpha version of Apple’s new platform. The main purpose of this release is that developers can now begin to adapt their products to the new OS.

However, if you want to try out all the new features iOS 11 right now, you can always upgrade. Public assembly will be released before the end of the month, which will be free from many of the current problems. In any case, wait for the final version of iOS 11 for a long time, and roll back to iOS 10 at any time.

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