Game Pokemon Go less than a year downloaded 750 million times

Number of downloads of free games in augmented reality Pokemon Go for a year since the release has exceeded 750 million. This was announced by the head of the studio Niantic Labs Dzhon Hanke. From the very first day after the July 6, 2016 game set record after record. In particular, the first two months play downloaded 500 million times.

A year after the release of the number of downloads of the game about virtual Pokémon has exceeded 750 million times. Hanke has thanked fans Pokemon Go community, saying that within the framework of the anniversary celebration of the developers will hold a series of in-game events. Niantic Labs is going to celebrate the first anniversary in a big way. The studio plans to organize both in-game events and real events.

Game Pokemon Go less than a year downloaded 750 million times

The event, called Solstice starts on June 13 and will last until the 20th of the same month. During this period, the authors will increase the chances of the probability of encountering Pokémon ice and fire types.

Gamers will also receive additional experience points for accurate throws pokebolov and 50% discount for Lucky Egg. According to Hanke, the studio is working on a “co-feature of the game”, which is likely to be promised a cooperative component.

The release date is not yet known, but the developers have promised that it will appear shortly after the Solstice. As for the actual event, the Niantic Labs intend to spend a couple of those from around the world. Pokemon GO Fest will be held in Chicago on July 22 and in the period from June to September celebrations will also be held in London and New York.

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