Google called the time of withdrawal of support Pixel & Pixel XL

Modern smartphones are excellent and getting better performance and functionality with each new season.

But it does mean that they are fast enough, “obsolete” and vendors cease their support, focusing their attention to their novelty. google Pixel

Google has announced that it may be discontinued technical support Pixel and Pixel XL.

If your smartphone that is not right, the user would have the option to call or contact the live chat support, which will help the expert to solve the technical problems. Currently, Google offers technical support “in devayse”. Users have the opportunity to call Google Support directly from the Settings app (Settings). But the opportunity presented by the users in the past year and Pixel Pixel XL smartphones continue only until October 2019.

Google called the time of the withdrawal of support Pixel and Pixel XL

After October 2019 the search giant does not warrant further technical support devices. Support after this time can not be guaranteed either by telephone or online. This time coincides with when the provision will be phased out last year’s smartphone Pixel Android security update.

Updating the same Android operating system for devices under consideration can stop on a year earlier – the company does not guarantee the provision of such updates after October 2018. Such messages can not be good news, but, on the other hand, support devaysa will sooner or later be terminated, and in this case makes a good impression, the very fact that Google’s is called a certain time and for users of the “obsolescence” of their smartphones will not be a surprise .

Additionally, the Google Support site discusses some details regarding the update of the Android operating system for phones Pixel. They receive updates directly from Google. If the device is purchased in Google Store, the update usually arrives smartphone within two weeks. If your smartphone was purchased elsewhere, the devaysa update time may be longer.

It should be noted that most phone users have to be happy even if their Soup get updates Android version within a year after the release of the smartphone. In this case, the operating system last year Pixel models will be updated at least two years. Most phones will receive monthly security updates or do not get long at all. Pixel (2016) smart phones will receive them within three years.

Technical support phone, which for two years, is also uncommon. Meanwhile, last year’s smartphone users Google can use it until October 2019. Google has updated information on support for the period of completion of its Nexus line of devices. Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P after About Android, which will be released in autumn this year, will not receive more than the Android operating system updates. In September of 2018 to stop providing security updates for these devices. In addition, the first month of autumn 2018 will be to Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P month and the withdrawal of support by telephone devices.

In September 2017 it is expected to announce the second generation of devices with Google Pixel “frameless” display, similar to that found themselves in the use of smartphones Samsung Galaxy S8.

New items that are likely to be three, presumably will be based on the Snapdragon 836 chipset, which will be combined in them with six gigabytes of RAM. Located at the rear of new smart phone camera can be 13 megapixels. Not exclude the possibility that by the time of the announcement of the new Pixel will be ready once the final version of the operating system from the search giant – Android O.

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