The High Price OnePlus 5 Repels consumers more than its Design

Consumers do not mind the look of the future OnePlus 5, showed own research AndroidAuthority.

The vast majority of respondents said they would buy a new product, if the producer will appoint for it an adequate price tag, despite the obvious borrowing design ideas. Adequate price for the future of smartphone users believe will be 400-450 USD.

Otherwise, as noted by one respondent, OnePlus 5 risks losing inclinations “killer champions”, becoming a typical smartphone with exorbitant price tag.

The high price OnePlus 5 repels consumers more than its design

Neither dual camera or 8 GB of RAM are not able to make even the true fans of the brand, according to their own statement, to lay out $ 600 for a flagship device.

The survey also was felt that OnePlus is experiencing stagnation and is now trying to take over a game with false innovation.

On the question of what kind of smartphone consumers will prefer to buy instead of OnePlus 5, a clear answer has not sounded.

Some said they thought about buying OnePlus 3T, others have suggested that pay attention to the production of the Oppo, but neither they nor others have not expressed desire to buy an iPhone 7 Plus.

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