The Honor 9 can surpass Huawei P10?

Honor debuts 9 from the sub-brand company Huawei. Prospective specifications of this smartphone not just appear on the Web.

Now, however, with the approach of his show a wide audience of users, the main characteristics devaysa received additional confirmation.

According to one of its most important characteristics of Honor 9 may even surpass the anniversary flagship Huawei P10. 9 HonorThis, however, is not an official confirmation of technical specifications by the company Huawei.

The Honor 9 can surpass Huawei P10

there was a “leak” promopostera, which contains the most important technical characteristics of Huawei Honor 9 Weibo Chinese social network.

So, how can be a smartphone that takes the model number of the company’s offerings nova place between 2 and P10?

First of all, on the rear panel devaysa the impressive dual camera.

Resolving one of its sensor is 12 megapixels. The second sensor main chamber 9 will Honor 20 megapixels. Powerful Kirin chipset 960 does novelty devaysom more productive than nova 2 and brings it to premium line P.

It does not specify how it will be implemented the new dual camera smartphone.

Can be used – one monochrome sensor in combination with one RGB-sensor or 12 megapixel sensor becomes simple wide angle lens, enabling shooting wider field of view and faster focusing on objects.

A first embodiment of a dual chamber 9 in Honor appears more realistic. Although wide-angle lenses have traditionally found application in dual camera smartphones, equipped with sensors with different rates of resolution (and in this devayse), should take into account the history of the brand of smart phones. Honor 8 is equipped with a monochrome sensor and it is likely that his successor will be characterized by a similar structure to its dual cameras. Moreover, in some ways even surpass 9 Honor the P10 premium, it has only four gigabytes of RAM. As can be seen from the new posts, the amount of RAM to one version 9 Honor is 6 gigabytes, while the model that will be offered to users at lower prices expected 4-gigabyte memory. Screen devaysa, the announcement will take place on Monday, will be protected 2.5D-glass. In the present promopostere neither the size nor the display resolution Honor 9. According to rumors, viewed smartphone equip 5.15-inch screen with a resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels). To the delight of many users, 9 Honor probably be equipped with a slot for microSD memory cards, which allows to use an additional storage capacity of a given size to 128 gigabytes. It is believed that the front panel 9 located Honor its selfie 8 megapixel camera. Possibly, it could be of the same chamber, which is already equipped with P10. It should be recalled that the nova 2 is equipped with 20-megapixel selfie camera. The curved back panel glass is considered smartphone. This means the probability of support for the new handheld device at least some of the standards of fast charging. Expected non-removable battery capacity of Honor 9 – 3100 mAh battery. The new smartphone will be “out of the box,” running the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, which functionality will be expanded proprietary software from the company Huawei. 9 Honor will probably be offered to users in the following colors – white, gray, blue, sky blue and yellow, but not black. Its estimated price – 360 US dollars.

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