HostGator Reseller Overview

Hostgator resellers are very famous in the hosting market. In this article we will discuss all the steps that need to be done after purchasing the reseller or creating a reseller account. We will discuss all the necessary steps regarding the Hostgator reseller and WHM panel.

Server with Dedicated IP

By using the dedicated server IP you can filter all your web data which you put on that single or multiple IP.

You can make the sites live while using your server for your clients and earn some extra bucks.

There is no need to buy an actual server physically and a high end internet connection to run the machine. These are the virtual servers which can be operated from anywhere around the globe.

No need to buy any software to make your machine functional, it’s fully prepared already.

No Need to hire any staff to monitor the activities and health of your servers, because they are already been taken care of at Hostgator’s place.

No need to hire any customer supports staff, because they are already linked to a auto problem solving machine, and you will be notified in all manners.

Above mentioned characteristics were the basics of a Hostgator reseller, now moving on we will discuss about how we can start working on that:

Point 1: Transfer Your Sites

Anyone from any region can buy Hostgator reseller, in this case by default language is English, and so if you are a non English person you can change the language first by going into the section named “Locales” in your WHM. If you encounter any problem finding that section, there will be a search bar in WHM, all you have to do, is to type the word and here you go.

If you are the first time user and you have nothing to transfer, then you must skip this step 1 and directly move to step 2.

If you are already running some websites and want to transfer them on Hostgatar reseller, all you need to do is to provide some specific details to the technical support of Hostgator and they can help you transfer your date on your new server, and definitely this service is free of any charges. You can transfer up to 30 sites, more or less sometimes.

Point 2: Change the Nameserver/DNS

DNS functions plays a very important role in your web to go live on World Wide Web, so first you need to change the DNS of your domain.

If you buy your domain from Hostgator then this step will also be resolved automatically, because the default actions of Hostgator will change the DNS of your domain at the time of buying. If your domain source is different then you have to change the DNS manually.

The change in DNS take place within 36 – 48 hours, according to the time zone, after that time period your domain will the available and ready to go live on the Hostgator server.

Point 3: Create the Packages for Domains

Your primary plan for the reseller account is created with a limit on the bandwidth and disk space equal to zero. Therefore, you need to set these parameters independently (in the Package section). To properly determine the amount of GB, you should know some rules:

Freshly created reseller will be out of packages, there will a default package which will occupy all your available resources, before taking a start you must create packages, while going in the “Packages” section in your WHM to properly arrange the amount of data that you have to provide to your website or any client website. Like, Mb’s, GB’s, email accounts and bandwidth etc.

Caution: After creating the packages, never delete them, you can modify them, but never erase them, because this will cause the downtime to all sites which are connected to your reseller.

Point 4: Creation of an Account

To run a website on your reseller, you must create the account of each site that you are willing to use, for this purpose you have to go in your WHM and there will be section named “Accounts” > “Create New”, click on that and then follow the below mentioned details and fill them with exact and correct information. Remember, that a single extra dot or comma could cause misconfiguration.

Domain Name (Your Site Name)

Username (Login)

Password (Choose Strong)

E-mail address (Must be Valid)

Package (Our Created Package)

DNS Settings (Enter Nameservers)

Once all the fields are filled properly, double check them again, and then click on “Create” button. Here it is, your new account for a single website is ready.

Point 5: Download the Website

Now you have to upload your website in the account you created in the previous step, for this purpose there are two most famous and easy ways, you can use FTP client or you can go to your cPanel > File Manager and upload the data in your main web root folder.

If you are using an FTP client, the FTP line, add the IP address of your server. Use the username and password sent to you in writing after registration.

If you are the FTP user or want to try FTP first time, it is very simple, just put the IP address of your reseller there, it will ask you about your username and password, use that username and password which Hostgator sent you after the successful purchase.

All the server files will be displayed in your FTP account, and then you need to go to the folder named “Public_Html” and start downloading your website.

Point 6: Other Capabilities of Hostgator

Hostgator also provides the service of web development but only for their clients, you can use the feature of SiteStudio Designer or SiteBuilder.

You can manage all your transactions or fee within your WHM or WHMCS, these features works automatically, when the payment date is due it will automatically make the transaction to Hostgator, and you will never face any downtime in your reseller due to nonpayment issue.

Vast range of payment options are available according the currency and services, so it’s very easy to manage all your subscription fees.

The most interesting part I like is the affiliate program of Hostgator, you can recommend your friends and family to Hostgator and earn handsome commissions.

Point 7: Use Hostgator Support Team

So now you have a reseller of Hostgator and most probably you have a hosting clientele, so your clients will ask you questions about their problems or configurations etc, all you have to do is to copy there questions and ask them exactly from Hostgator support team, which are available for you 24/7, there are different ways to be in touch with the customer support of Hostgator such as:

Through Phone

Through Email

Using Online Chat

Remember always provide the information of a site which is having any issue, then the agent on the other side will help you efficiently.

Point 8: Remember Due Dates

Keep in mind that you are a rent payer to Hostgator for your reseller, and there are subscription terms, which you agreed while purchasing the reseller, and the agreement need to be renewed after a span of time, if you have given a permanent payment method, it will be billed automatically when the date is due, otherwise your services will be restored and all your customers will face the downtime at once until you renew your services.

Now I think we have discussed all the basic things that need to be done, while using the Hostgator reseller. There are some of the basic plan related things as well, which we will get with our purchase:

Unlimited Domains (You can Add Unlimited Domains in your reseller)

Sub-Domains (You can create unlimited Sub-Domains)

Mailboxes (You will have Unlimited Mailboxes)

MySQL Databases

FTP Accounts

Easy to operate and very flexible cPanel/WHM

The uptime guarantee of Hostgator is 99.9%

If you are not satisfied with the services or features, you can take your money back within 45 days, after that, there will be no refund.

You can create your nameservers (DNS) according to your domain

You will get free payment management software, which will help you to pay for your subscriptions

You will also get the developing tools to create your website easily

You will get a free account transfers from customer support to your reseller, limit is 30 websites.

You will get huge range of web templates to modify and design your website according to your needs and flavor. There are more than 4000 free templates available for Hostgator customers.

Your server will be monitored very randomly to check the health and activities by the technicians of Hostgator.

You will be in full control of your reseller, you can change the passwords any time, change the nameservers, create accounts, terminate accounts, increase limits, decrease limits etc.

Above mentioned features are still not completed, there are many more things that Hostgator reseller can handle, these were the most basic things that should in knowledge to compare the features of Hostgator reseller with any other service provider. Now I can say for sure that you will choose wisely.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, I am open for questions and suggestions as well; you can contact us through email or by filling the simple contact form.

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