Hostgator Vs Bluehost

Hostgator and Bluehost are the two very famous and reliable hosting providers around the globe. Both service providers have a very good repute in the relevant industry due to their loyal services and loving customers.

Let’s compare both of them to see the pros and cons


Both hosting provider offers almost the same essentials which are required in a good hosting. Control Panel or cPanel for both hosting are very friendly and easy to operate, and supports all the languages. Content Management System support for PhP 5 and MySQL, with unlimited email accounts and FTP access as well. There are many other related features which can be helpful for your advanced customized settings.

Hostgator and Bluehost also provide resellers which can be used to sell the hosting further on your own. But unlikely as a competition Hostgator also provides a vast range of Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated servers as well for the support on corporate level or for huge multinational companies.


There is no doubt in saying that both hosting providers are very good in providing the uptime, it is the time frame or time lapse which determines the availability of your website online visibility in World Wide Web, and the output ratio is almost 99.9%.

Terms and conditions are different however; we will talk about the most important conditions here which are the refund terms. Bluehost will not compensate any money that you spent on buying hosting in case of uptime error as they promised of 99.9%, but on the other hand Hostgator guarantees you compensation or refund in case of any uptime error.

In a specific manner both hosting companies provide a refund for the hosting, but conditions are slightly different. Every hosting company provides a test period for their buyers to check and understand their services, if you pay for the hosting and realize that you are not satisfied with the features or space or interface and quality, you can definitely get your complete refund but only within the test period, which are most likely 20 to 45 days.

Hostgator provides a 45 days’ time period of refunding any money you spent on buying any hosting package. After 45 days there will be no refund of any type. On the opposite, Bluehost does not provide any time frame or days to test the hosting, if you decided to give up the services that you subscribed or purchased, BlueHost will proportionally deduct the days that you used the services and then refund the remaining amount of yours.


Hostgator provides a very wide range of hosting and prices, for shared hosting it starts from 5.21$/mo to 11.21$/mo + Unlimited Bandwidth. For reseller hosting it stats from 19.96$/mo to 96.95$/mo + Unlimited Bandwidth, and for dedicated server the prices starts from 174$/mo to 374$/mo + Unlimited Bandwidth.

These very economical price range packages are very fruitful for the beginners and for experts as well. Suitable for all web users.

Bluehost is very specific in explaining their packages and hosting, very simple and to the point prices. For shared hosting it starts from 3.95$/mo + Unlimited Bandwidth to 5.95$/mo + Unlimited Bandwidth. For Virtual Private Server hosting, it starts from 14.99$/mo to 59.99$/mo + Unlimited Bandwidth.

These solutions by Bluehost has its own advantages, that you do not have to go with any hidden charges or terms, everything is clear and stated in front of you.

Admin rights are limited on a limit in both hosting providers, to create fewer loads on the server memory and also to protect the privacy policy terms.

Following price comparison table will help you understand better. The better you understand the smart move you will make.

For creating table please follow the links given below.

HostGator Shared Hosting

HostGator VPS

HostGator Dedicated Server

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost VPS

Bluehost Dedicated

Above you can see the differences between these two big hosting service providers. If we compare the prices then it is definite that Bluehost is cheaper than Hostgator, and if we compare the other features and policies, then you can see the difference perfectly. Remember, services are far more greater thing than the prices. Decision is up to you.

Technological Support

Customer support in both companies carried out in several ways, and each of them had me tested for functionality, efficiency and professionalism.

Customers support and services of both providers has their own taste and priorities, because I used both of them that’s why I am much aware of their efficiency, professionalism and functionalities.

Let me give you an example of my experience with the sales department of both companies. First I made a call to Bluehost and asked a simple but tricky question, after being on hold for almost 45 to 50 seconds; I got an answer from the operator which was just an answer not a technical type, which I was expecting to have on the issue. Then I made the call to Hostgator with the same question and after being on hold for roughly 35 seconds, I got an answer which was exactly expected, and the behavior of the operator was so very nice and caring as well.

Well calling is not the famous and mostly used technology for such purposes, so I tested both companies email responding time and efficiency to the answer to my question.

I send them both a same letter with a same problem, and I got the reply from Hostgator within 11 minutes, but on the other hand I got my response from Bluehost after 38 minutes. First Bluehost email correspondence was late and not satisfactory answer as well, but on the opposite the reply of Hostgator to my problem was almost quick and efficient as well.

Definitely both companies have their online chat feature as well, so I tested that also and the results were same as above, I got an answer from Hostgator within 2 minutes, and Bluehost took almost 3.5 minutes to answer, that is close, but customer satisfaction is all that matters. May be I was lucky that I got a quick responder on the other side with Hostgator or slow one with the Bluehost. Now overall judgment and decision is up to you.

One thing is for sure in both companies that they provide 24/7 support, rapid or slow is the second issues.

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