Hostmonster Vs Hostgator

We can continue pushing ourselves while understanding that which hosting provider is good and which is not, for this manner the best way is to comparison between them and find the odds and evens. Which one offers more or which one is cheap? So statistically we must compare the hosting providers with each other to find the pros and cons. Let’s take a start with Hostgator Vs Hostmonster.


For the evaluation between similar services, it is very important to understand the characteristics and uniqueness of the services. Both hosting companies are offering relevant services, but still there are some countable differences between them, which should be known, before choosing any of them. Selection between Hostgator and Hostmonster is bit confusing, because both hosters are big fishes in the market. That is why we are trying to compare both of them.

Although Hostmonster and Hostgator are providing the similar services, but there are differences also that we should know. Like, Hostgator is providing a feature and on the opposite Hostmonster is not proving that feature but Hostmonster compensate you with other offers.

Every small detail is important in the manner of web hosting; let me give you an example between these two hostings, Hostmonster offers you add more than one account on a domain in any plan, and on the other hand Hostgator does not allow you to do the same, if you want the same feature than you have to buy a bigger plan in Hostgator.


Pricing is the most attractive feature to sell or purchase a product or service, before purchasing any of them; we must take a look at their plans and pricing:

Compare basic plans of shared hosting of each of them and create a table according to that by following the given links

Table will be yearly based tariffs and monthly charges for example

1 year package is in 5.66$/mo

2 year package 4.95$/mo

Now you can see the difference, and these are the most recent tariffs. It is clear that Hostgator is much cheaper than Hostmoster. Above mentioned prices are from the basic packages of both hosting companies.

Since hosting providers are in constant move to organize their plan and compete with others, they are changing their tariffs rapidly. Sometimes limited time offers are also good to buy a cheaper hosting, but at the end it is up to your web needs.

Customer & Technical Support

Technical support and customer service for both providers are 24/7, and that is a true fact. I am stating this fact because this is a major thing that we should care about. I personally tested all the sources of communication with Hostmonster and Hostgator and I am so satisfied that both are good at it. I checked them through email correspondence, calls to sales department, and through online chat. The average response ratio for both of them is almost the same.

Results and Conclusions

Here we are with the slight differences between the Hostmoster and Hostgator, both companies are delivering the similar services but with a difference of rates, as we speak earlier, if a company is not providing the same feature as any other company within the given prices, they most certainly replace that feature with any other. So generally both are proving the same features, with some additional things. Now if you have to choose between any of them, it’s your choice, because both companies are very well known in the field and has a huge clientele.

Your choice must depend on your web needs, because each feature could be of different nature.

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