How to Get Free Backlinks?

Trust is the key indicator of confidence in any search engine to the resource. That it is an important aspect of the issue of resource ranking in the SERP. To increase the credibility of the site may be due to increasing inbound link mass, in other words – getting natural back links.

Trackbacks affect the efficient optimization of the site, which leads to an increase in incoming traffic and draw attention to it by the search engines.

How to get the best links, to increase the credibility of performance and get even more visitors to your site? Use simple but effective methods.

Inbound links by Search Engines

Building inbound links mass is a long and important process, and before you start it, you must understand the basic parameters that determine the importance of links to search engine robots.


Here everything is clear, the more popular and authoritative resource that encourages your site, the more valuable will be obtained by reference.

Anchor Texts

Are of particular importance for the search engines; in fact represent the most relevant keywords and phrases that are placed under the incoming links.

Search engines are loyal to the links received from the adjacent or similar resources, your site has been selling scooters in this case, the link with the community in a social network, forum or another theme of the blog of the same subject will have more weight than sites which sell dog food, even with high traffic.


We know that back links to resources with high trust, will greatly enhance the credibility of your site. Therefore, when they link it is important to pay attention to the index TrustRank.

The Types of Inbound Links

  1. Natural

For example, the owner of any of the popular and sought after resource decides that your content is interesting, useful and relevant in this case, you can count on getting “fat” natural links to your site. To receive these links, you just create a good material and distribute it skillfully.

  1. Paid

Such references can be obtained by adding the site to the various thematic catalogs, placing guest posts or banners on third-party resources. This includes getting them to trust sites through link exchanges.

  1. Free

This is a free version of the receipt of the reference mass. They are available with hundreds of thematic resources, forums, social networks, Facebook, or any guest books – in short, wherever there is an opportunity to leave your link.

Effective Ways of Link Building

When developing a common strategy link building every webmaster, choose tools and methods that will bring him the maximum profit. A method of producing inbound links, there are many, but we will consider the most effective ones.

  1. Answers and Questions

The easiest way – is to use the available services and answers questions. Then you need to find a question on topics of interest by entering a question relevant to one of the posts (pages, sections, goods) on your site and give a detailed answer with the corresponding links. Do not simply post a link; always add useful information that will entice readers to make the transition.

  1. Forums and Communities

Get quality traffic and increase the reference weight from such sites – it is profitable, but if you do everything by the rules. The most valuable links are only with thematic forums, which are visited by your audience (target audience). It employs the same principle as in the previous embodiment. Is a popular thread for your topic, reread the available posts and leave your comment date indicating the appropriate reference. Allowed their own references in personal signature in your account settings.

  1. Analysis of the Competitive Reference

Most services provide tools for tracking the reference mass of resources that are your direct competitors. This will help to understand which sites will be of interest to you and to promote and enhance credibility. But how to get them to link to you, this may be placing paid posts, banners and links, or free commentary articles.

  1. Exchange Links

Many webmasters choose to buy links through the exchange of links, for example, Sape, Rotapost, Gogetlinks and others. Here you can select the most appropriate area (given their TIC, DA, and other parameters) for placing links to your resource. The question is the price if you’re willing to pay, and then why not take this opportunity?

Applying these methods and adding a few of its own, you are sure to notice how an increasing number of visitors from third-party sites, and eventually with the search engines.

Do not forget that the growth of backlinks to the site should be gradual, so that the process in the eyes of the search engines looks natural. This is especially true of young projects. And that instead of increasing the trust the site, you will get banned from the search engines.


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