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Google has steadily increased its presence in the area of the search engines. It is foolish to ignore this huge field of possibilities and potentials. Webmasters are seriously wrong when they forget about Google and concentrate all attention to other search engines. In individual subject areas and Google directions can easily become the main source of search traffic with minimal promotion.

Promotion in world’s most popular search engine has its own quirks and nuances. It has its own algorithms and filters and so then has its own promotion strategies that differ from the conditions of other search engines.

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Consider the priorities and the factors that can help with self-promotion of a website to be ranked in Google. Let’s deal with the specifics of optimizing a web site for the particular requirements of the global search engine.

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Internal Factors

  1. Content

Useful and unique content of the resource, of course, is the main indicator of quality to Google. Especially appreciated the variety of content and use images and media inserts. Information on the website needs to be interesting to the user. It is better that the content matched the theme of the site. Not worth it, for example, on the travel website to publish articles about the construction or other suitable topics.

  1. Page

Google pays great attention to the quality of individual pages. Often in the top 10 in some sub-page is faster than the main section of the site.

  1. Technical Condition

Technical performance of the website plays a special role. To increase the search rankings of the project, for example, possible acceleration site code optimization and images on the website. So on one of my sites positions in Google has improved well after optimizing the images using Google. After analyzing the page, you can just download the already optimized images. This not only improves the ratio of Google to your site, but also gives the reduction of the number of rejections by users because the pages will start to load faster.

  1. Behavioral Indicator

Google and other search engines give preference to websites that have been able to adapt to the needs of visitors.

  1. Updates

Google is very quick to respond to any internal updates of the website. Updated pages thus get a chance for a quick exit in the top rankings. Do not be lazy to go back to old articles and add relevant information. This will improve your website not only for search engines but also for users of the site.

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Editing old articles can almost instantly increase their ratings; also, there are cases when sites have achieved quick success in Google by changing CMS.


  1. The Mobile Version

A very important indicator, which can really help in promoting the site. Google considers mobile responsive site, a prerequisite of quality. The better and faster mobile version, the higher the chances of site success, and more traffic it receives from Google. So be sure to make a mobile version of the website, moreover this can be easily done with various plugins for different content management systems.

External Factors

If we talk about external indicators and criteria that can increase the chances of reaching the top rankings in Google are:

  1. The significance of the volume of the donors. Chasing a number of links, don’t forget about the quality of the donor sites.
  2. The importance of proper anchor text and thematic reference environment. The right choice of location for a link and its anchor text virtually eliminates the risk of exposure to Google penalties.
  3. Take into account, even those links that are not indexed yet. It often happens that this first link is picked up by the search engine, and then removed.
  4. Google perfectly indexes and takes into account the links posted on social networks. In Google the “social” links give the best effect.

Summing up, we highlight interesting aspects, typically regarding Google, and make a few comments.

Unusual Observation in Google

  1. Updated page instantly picked up by the Google and enters in the top rankings. After some time, this page is losing ground and gradually decreases the position.
  2. On the first page of the Google you can find links that users have shared on social networks. This clearly demonstrates the importance of social signals.
  3. A decent proportion of the traffic may enter to your website from the service images that are being showed in Google. Unique images here can significantly raise attendance. So try to put unique images.
  4. Websites in English language are picked up more quickly by Google rather than any other languages.
  5. The use of domains ending in “.com”, “.org” and “.net, improving the potential of the resource. Although this fact is not proven and only based on my personal observations.

In this article I tried to highlight the main aspects of promotion of websites in the Google. This topic is very extensive and if I forgot to mention some important aspects, then shares your thoughts in the comments.

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