iPhone 8 “revived” Thanks to Augmented Reality

With the release of iOS, Apple has made 11 augmented reality an important part of its mobile operating system.

A new tool for developers ARKit has the potential to transform hundreds of millions of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the basic AR-device in the world.

Designer Ran Avni ConceptsiPhone of the project has shown the possibility of iOS 11, showing iPhone 8 based on augmented reality.

The artist presented, how it will look in the AR-environment new iPhone 8. The 30-second video, we can see on the table with endless smartphone screen around which the operator walks.

Quality surprising realism: the device looks like a real, thanks to a detailed drawing the highlights and shadows. Photo realistic image of iPhone 8 is really hard to distinguish from the present.

iPhone 8 "revived" thanks to augmented reality

Apple has managed to combine a high quality tracking and absolute mass. If you love beautiful expression of the revolution in the IT-industry, this is a rare case when they are out of place. By creating renderings iPhone 8, the designer takes into account the latest rumors about the smartphone Apple’s anniversary, in particular screen “edge to edge” without buttons Home, facial recognition scanner, the vertical orientation of the main camera, and support for wireless charging.

Insiders believe that the fingerprint Touch ID will be located on the front panel, under glass, and in its upper part is a recess for the laser and infrared sensors, as well as “dual-camera 3D.”

Meanwhile, informed sources reported new details about the iPhone 8.

Serial production of new products with 5.8-inch OLED display has already begun. The device will receive a completely new design, the framework of reinforced glass and metal chassis.

Of the same materials, according to rumors, will make 4,7 and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, but apparently these models will be slightly different from last year. The official show of new products will take place in mid-September. In the sale of iPhone 8 may come in the same month.

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