Mutual Understanding Between IT Colleagues

Online selling and have received lots of comments, confirming that the things delineated within the article two-faced, if not all, then most. However, customers don’t seem to be solely complicated. within IT-staff home to a large variety of various professionals United Nations agency area unit there, he can gift a surprise to colleagues, creating one thing “sort of.”

Who area unit they? Developers of all levels and specializations, web marketers, SEOshniki, akkaunt- and project managers, sales managers, net designers … And don’t forget that any folks could also be “the most outlandish counterpart.” If you’re certain that you simply – the proper colleague, then scan no additional (although not, read).

Enables The Utmost Channel

We can not permit the matter went unremarked. Teamer you’re victimization and Google Calendar? place the matter there. Passed a letter of the client by email. For details on the matter, that is mentioned later with the client on the phone give a contribution to Skype. I went for lunch and remembered one detail? Send this clarification within the message. when 20:00 came up with another plan on the problem? Share it in FaceBook horsepower.

Imagine Your Colleagues

And don’t waste an excessive amount of time on one thing that’s accessible and comprehendible to formulate the matter, failed to specify whether or not the colleague understood what’s needed. Describe the matter in 3 words by mail or within the Task Manager, use emoticons. take care to job my memory that it should be done terribly, terribly quickly and show that you simply may be contacted for additional queries within the mail or over the phone, and currently you are “running away.”

When Designing

Client requests to perform the task as quickly as possible? secure to traumatize this and with the formulation of the matter to judge its in 3:00 rather than the nine. within the same method, you’ll save incorrectly calculated project budget. All constant, you’re to not blame, it’s as a result of the developers area unit slow.

# tyzhfilolog

In your team scarf employee kontentschik or another specialist, that reported a slip-up that visited a philologist? that is lucky! currently each word or sentence, writing that doubt may be checked with colleagues at any time of the day or night. notwithstanding you write a post on Twitter.

# tyzhdizayner

Designers – a wizards that may of empty white box 1200 * 3000px to create a web site. Therefore, they will with {boldness} enkindle everything: to create text bold or increase, that font to use within the manual, whether or not the inexperienced is combined with red, that is healthier to decide on wallpaper for the room …

# tyzhprogrammist

This is another wizard in the office, who seems to know everything. And more often utters unintelligible words and strange jokes. Therefore, in case of damage the printer or computer exactly be able to come to the rescue!

Delegated Correctly

Do you see that a colleague in the far corner of the open-space? He has lunch with them and rarely comes out during the day out of the office. Leave it 5 business phone handsets and a request to pick up documents from the courier, who promised to drive up to 12 to 14 hours, and then you can go on a three-hour business lunch.

Spend On Plans

Head = planorki. True? Therefore, if you lead the department of at least 1 person, make a schedule and conduct it planorki. To them it is desirable for at least half an hour to talk at length about his plans for the future, for example. Engage in specific planning there necessarily, but a couple of additional tasks can put a subordinate.


You do not have to understand the product that you are every day offered to clients, the main thing to remember names and abstracts, and 5-10 to memorize the script. Questions that do not fit in the least, you can answer, “I clarified with” and go to elaborate. Even if this question asked many times before. Asking the same thing – this is normal.

Do You Work?

If you come to an account with a problem is detected in the functional, then, without turning his head, and not listening to him answer “I work”, because you have everything working before you give a site for testing, right? Check back and ask clarifying questions – for wimps.


Beware of the order in the workplace, looks into your eyes all available monitors and hand over the leadership in the messenger of all who sit in office hours or Vkontakte looking pictures. Even if you did your colleague SMMschik.


Do not ask clarifying questions, even if you do not understand what is required from you in this task. Do yourself quietly, as I understand. Suffers from the fact that it turns out, but you try. And then I was genuinely surprised, if in the end it turns out that this is not what was required of you. you’ll even loudly incensed or displeased.

Be sure

Write a report on the work in serious trouble the client? the most factor isn’t to recheck his own and don’t raise colleagues to try and do thus. what percentage of those reports you’ve got already written, that now might probably go wrong? And if suddenly, albeit with a discontented consumer communicates manager.

Delegates The Time

If you detected within the room colleague for lunch, sit aside him and therefore the head of a speech regarding work. it’s suggested to imperative issues that require to induce done till the evening. And to a colleague definitely all bear in mind, withdraw in mid-sentence and suddenly run away back to the bowels of the workplace.

Prove You Are Not A Golem

Take to heart the comments and located bugs team lead regarding your code. Upset associated understand changes as an stage director to private references krivorukost. notwithstanding your cant no one saw, particularly the consumer.

Stacked In Their Operating Hours

We set the task you wish to shut this week? Fine, Friday night – the best time to do so. Proud to report account at 19:00, she finished, put on a “live” server and flee. Ahead of the weekend. Or not?

Be A Good Friend

If you’re at least a little head, necessarily as a customer bring his friend businessman. No matter what his logo in the Word, and the budget for the development of less than Public Vkontakte. Promise him to do everything in the best possible way and in a short time, straining colleagues.


Not defend their vision of style and practicality, despite the very fact that your hair stand on finish when reading tasks. If the client needs, then you would like to try and do thus. notwithstanding it’s on-line identity card as a traditional scan business cards, wherever the yellow letters on a blue background 5 font to put in writing the name and sign. client need – the law, the client is often right, that’s all.

Take Care Of Your Health

Constantly consumption within the work. Rustling bundles and packages, grain crumbs keyboard Zavala Ogryzko area underneath the monitor. institutions workplace animals – flies. does one have room? glorious. Take it with you for lunch fish, dumplings, cabbage dish, burgers and forget to shut the door.

Be Late Stunning

If you are late for work, complain on the thanks to a general chat on the watch failed to work, the neighbors and their dog, long tea, slow elevator, jams … and then noisily rushing into the office and out of breath, to bring to his suffering as much attention .

Formulated Correctly

Ask questions in the correspondence without question marks. Ignore punctuation. Write each word on a new line, or better yet – a separate message. Smeared thought of a problem by 10 posts, and even better – a general chat. Surprised that you do not understand.

Prove that you’re cheerful and sociable

Talk loudly and laugh, joke a lot, constantly throws in a common working Picchu chat with leprosy and links to Dvach, coub and Overheard. Learn about each colleague at least one fact, and at every opportunity Explored clarifying information.

Actively Attract Attention

Got a question? Urgently write to the responsible colleague at work chat, mail, messenger in, wave his hands from his workplace, but rather immediately send a message pack, come to him. It will not matter, it communicates with the consumer on the phone, in person, lunch or another employee discusses the problem with colleagues.

We learned in a number of the things themselves or their “difficult” colleagues? Dont be upset! Ideal folks don’t happen, the most factor that you simply were an honest person and knowledgeable. we have a tendency to collected these stories not solely in our workplace (even longer say we have a tendency to were lucky, and not everything written regarding us), thus we have a tendency to area unit happy to examine the history of your colleagues within the comments.

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