New MacBook & MacBook Pro can not be Repaired

iFixit experts have studied the anatomy of the updated 13-inch laptop MacBook Pro, which Apple has officially unveiled earlier this week. Verdict on its maintainability was disappointing.

In the hands of experts was 13.3-inch MacBook Pro display 2560 × 1600 pixels. The laptop has on-board dual-core processor Intel Core generation Kaby Lake, LPDDR3 8GB of RAM and a solid state drive capacity of 256 GB. There are connectors USB-C (Thunderbolt interface 3). The autopsy revealed that the device uses flash memory SanDisk SDRQKBDC4 064G. LPDDR3 memory microchips manufactured by Samsung – K4E6E304EB-EGCG.

new MacBook and MacBook Pro can not be repaired

Moreover, applied components such as Intel JHL6540 Thunderbolt controller 3 and Wi-Fi Murata / Apple 339S00056. Maintainability of the updated MacBook Pro appreciated only 1 point out of ten. In other words, Apple laptop computer repair virtually non-negotiable. The company used pentalobe screws a lot of adhesive for mounting the battery, and the touch panel Touch Bar all as combined with a fingerprint reader.

In the event of failure of the latter, most likely, will have to replace the entire motherboard, as all the data from the biometric module handles Apple T1 chip and replacing the module itself will not solve the problem. Non-removable CPU and RAM is also attributed to a serious design flaw. The only advantage of experts called the possibility of dismantling the trackpad without prior removal of the battery. Also subjected to vivisection updated 12-inch MacBook.

Earlier, laptops too have earned only one point iFixit. After the upgrade, nothing has changed. Like the MacBook Pro, the laptop is practically unsuitable for repair because of the lack of removable main components, a large amount of adhesive, the high cost of replacing the display when it is damaged and branded Apple screws.

The motherboard is located Intel Core m3-7Y32 processor, controller Texas Instruments / Stellaris LM4FS1EH SMC, flash memory chips Toshiba TH58XGT0JFLLDVK, RAM chips SK Hynix H5TC4G63CFR and other components.

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