Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Surpass the iPhone 8

This autumn breaks out a real war between Apple and Samsung. The first prepares the announcement of his most important smartphone in honor of the 10-year anniversary of the iPhone, and the second all the forces will try to annoy rival.

As we know, iPhone 7 holds the title of the most productive smartphones in the market – 9 months after the announcement of the device demonstrates outstanding performance in benchmarks.

Performance smartphone is confirmed and in real tests: no Android-smartphone is not able to offer similar to the “apple” smartphone performance level.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to surpass iPhone 8

With the release of the new flagship Galaxy Note 8 in Seoul, conceived to surpass the iPhone is part of the performance. The unit should be the first in the industry to obtain an improved version of Snapdragon 835 top-end mobile processor, which will be called Snapdragon 836.

Samsung is more than ever it is crucial not to lose face. It is necessary to demonstrate a decent smartphone, because it will be the first company PHABLET family Note after the scandalous failure of the Galaxy Note 7 last year. Snapdragon chip 836 should receive the higher frequency clock as the CPU and graphics accelerator – 2.5 GHz and 740 MHz respectively. There may be still some innovations, but do not expect significant changes.

A truly new flagship chipset – Snapdragon 845 – Samsung smartphones get only in 2018.

Will the Galaxy Note 8 show at the level of the performance of the upcoming iPhone 8 or even surpass it, time will tell. At the moment, none of the smartphone Samsung was unable to get even, even with the iPhone 7.

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