Scanner Galaxy S8 Eye shell causes Serious Problems

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 can cause serious vision problems. This was reported by the owners of the new South Korean leader.

Discomfort and irritation of eyes noticed after using the iris scanner.

Biometric scanners are traditionally considered the most convenient and reliable authentication tool, but with the increasing popularity of this method of information protection are negative points.

Scanner Galaxy S8 eye shell causes serious problems

According to the owners of Galaxy S8, the use of a smartphone leads to irritation of the eyes. Some users felt a sharp pain and dizziness after use of the iris scanner.

They had to disable and turn to the use of a standard fingerprint scanner.

Samsung declined to comment on the complaint, but said that the technology, which they say users, is safe.

Experiments have shown that the protein is highly sensitive to infrared radiation contained in the membrane of the eye. The study showed that the infrared radiation used in the scanner Galaxy S8, a negative impact on the lens.

As a result, a person who regularly uses the iris scanner, is at risk to earn cataracts.

Earlier, a group of hackers demonstrated a simple way of deception scanner smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8.

In order to trick a biometric smart phone, an attacker enough to have a normal color printer, contact lens and make one infrared photo eyes.

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