Is Snapdragon 660 a Simplified Version of Snapdragon 835?

Currently, the most productive solution on the market is the Snapdragon 835. But the cost is high, but it’s not the only problem. One of the main problems is the complexity of the production – the company simply does not have time to provide all the data processor in connection with the use of modern 10-nm process technology from Samsung FinFET.

The size of the transistors of 10 nm, has brought many benefits, but each time the manufacturers have to look for new ways to reduce the size of transistors, and all at the same time depends on the CPU substrate materials, which complicates the manufacturing process.

Snapdragon 660 is a simplified version of the Snapdragon 835?

Popular Chinese analyst Jiutai Ban said that Qulacomm originally planned to release a simplified version of the Snapdragon 835, codenamed MSM8997, but restrictions in the production of 10-nm processors did not allow the company to implement the plan into reality.

It was therefore decided to focus on the Snapdragon 660 as a simplified version of Snapdragon 835. In the past, we wrote about the Snapdragon chipset 660. The peculiarity lies in the fact that he was the first of the 600-series has received Kryo-core Qualcomm that had previously used only in flagship processors .

Of course, we are talking about 260 cores Kryo instead Kryo 280, which are installed in the SD835, but the fact that the company has built in the Snapdragon 660’s own kernel, is of considerable importance in positioning the processor issue.

In other words, the Snapdragon 660 has become a kind subflagmanom Qualcomm. Separately, by the way, it is worth noting Qualcomm Spectra 160 IPS support, which is also peculiar flagship processors.

The result? There is no doubt that more and more companies are resorting to the use of Snapdragon 660 – it is cheaper to work on nuclei Kryo and has all the advantages listed above.

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