Web Redesign and Common Errors

Web design has long ceased to play and extremely visual component. Trends in the registration of Internet resources are constantly in motion, so five years ago, the site was packed with all sorts of flash elements and banners were completely inappropriate. Now has changed and the impact of the design on the position of a website in search results. And the robots of the search engines consider website design.

Web Redesign and Common Errors

When a customer contacts the company involved in the promotion, and asks to raise its share in the results after the audit, expert’s verdict required to refine the design of the website. This decision can be made on the basis of the analysis statistics, the study of user behavior on the resource page, as well as comparing competitors occupying higher positions.

Some customers express outrage that why refine the design, if the site is already moving. In this case, the emphasis should be on why the desired result is not achieved, and one of the reasons for this state of affairs may be it is not enough attractive.

Launched Redesign

Conducting a redesign does not imply a radical redesign. It basically applies not only to the visual component, and improvement of all areas from design to software. Experts recommend periodically carrying out an upgrade. The relevance and fashion, emergence of new technologies all of which explains why it is impossible to make one website for many years. Without improvements the website is just outdated and its promotion will lose meaning.

In the framework of the redesign can be implemented the following activities:

Estimate downloads speed, convenience, work in different browsers, etc

The installation of a new control system or upgrade the old

The creation of new pages and sections, their filling with content

The removal of irrelevant information

Design change

Change hosting

Do not make mistakes

Why the complex algorithms are are not used by search engines to determine the relevance of a web page request. The position of keywords in the content, their density affects the ranking. This aspect must be taken into account when building the updated concept of the website.

Web Redesign and Common Errors

When conducting redesigning, you should be prepared for the fact that the rankings may change. The event cannot be described as something out of the ordinary, but, nevertheless, to minimize the effects of the redesign on search results, you can. For example, the previous company engaged in the promotion of this website, actively used the keywords, inserting them where necessary and not necessary. In accordance with the new strategy, the density is significantly lower; however, the general perception of the pages will improve. Such changes cannot lead to the fall of the website.

Beware of Following Errors

Too small size font, lack of contrast between text and background, a complete fusion of textual information with color pages. All this may result in exclusion of the website from the index and the impossibility of its further advancement.

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404 error is not only annoying users by dropping image resource in their eyes, but also negatively affects promotion.

If in order to see the text information on the page have to do 5-10 spins of the screen, you should think about reducing content. Imagine that a website is a book and execute it on the same logical principle: chapters, sections and subsections.

Content managers have to correctly register the Meta tags, title, etc. During the redesign, many forget about it, that will certainly affect the indexing, which is not the best way. It is not necessary to practice the CSS cloaking texts.

The website redesign will bring only positive effect in the case if you trust it to run a professional organization. Then you don’t have to think about errors and to grasp the essence of the work.

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